Shroud talks about Mixer “long term game” and why it will be successful in the long run according to him.

Ex CSGO professional shroud is one of Mixer’s biggest streamer, joining the
platform last year following another co streamer Ninja he has gained a massive
amount of followers there.

Both Shroud and Ninja were one of the top streamers on Twitch and when two
of them left many rumours spread across the community one of them was
regarding their contract with the platform.

When both of them many other streamers like DrDisrespect and Pokimane
expressed that they will be loyal to Twitch and will never change the platform
while another streamer CouRage moved over to YouTube.


Despite losing its two big streamers Twitch is still the biggest streaming
platform in the world. But in his recent YouTube video Shroud talks about Mixer “long term game”.

Shroud talks about Mixer “long-term” plan

In his May 23 YouTube video, while discussing the rivalry between both
streaming platforms he admits that Mixer is still lagging behind Twitch but
it will surpass it, people just need to be patient.

“Twitch has been around for longer, therefore there’s more people there,” he said. “So a lot of people don’t think of the long-con. They don’t think of the long play. They just think of the short-term play.”

Twitch is in the streaming game for a very long time and it has given
opportunity to people who are very big streamers now, but Mixer on the
other hand is new in the market and it will take time for it to surpass
twitch in the number one streaming platform race.

However, there is only one factor that can make this happen, Twitch is here
for many years now which means there are already hundreds and thousands
of streamers on the platform which can be a hurdle for any new streamer and
he/she would very likely to go with Mixer as it is new and they will have more
opportunity to grow there.

“So if you take Twitch and Mixer, of course Twitch right now is doing so good,” he went on, “and continuing to do so good. Because they have something. People who have started on Twitch 6 years ago, 5 years ago, 3 years ago… if they started that long ago, they probably have a good foundation.”

Shroud predicts Mixer’s Future

He then explains that if you think about 3-4 years in future then the “up-comers”
on Mixer will have a well-established following just like the older accounts on Twitch
and the new users will most likely start choosing Mixer over Twitch because Twitch is so “over-saturated”.

“When you’re creating a streaming platform, you really just have to sit there, and f**king wait,” he finished. “Like, truly, that’s what you gotta do, and Microsoft’s perfect because Microsoft’s f**king huge. They have the resources to just sit there and wait… that’s how I know Mixer has a very very good chance to succeed.”

Well, Shroud looks very positive about Mixer and its future, it is only time which can tell what is true or not.

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