Shroud expresses his opinion on CoD: Warzone solos vs trios which more fun to play and why.

CoD Warzone us gaining more and more popularity from streamers and players after its release on March 10.

In 2019 we had so much of Battle Royale titles, and now CoD: Warzone another battle royale title from Call of Duty franchise.

Well, much of its player base enjoys playing in squads “trios” than solos.

But ex CS: GO professional and Mixer star Shroud shared his opinion which is different from much of the game’s audience.


Shroud says he loves playing solo modes than trios as it is more fun to play.

He shared his point of view after a match with his girlfriend Hannah ‘Bnans’ Kennedy.

Shroud said: “Solos are actually so good in this game, it feels way, way better than trios,” with Bnans sounding a little surprised by this revelation.

He continued, “I think it’s how the game should be played… You’re not ever overwhelmed. If there’s ever a situation where people are ‘camping,’ it doesn’t matter because it’s just one. One isn’t that much of a threat. Three? Okay, that’s why you lose in a camping situation.”

After his opinion, he also mentioned Activision’s point of view, why trios actually exist.

He says, he understands Activision wants players to play with friends and have fun and that is why modes like trios and squads exist in battle royale games.

Whereas Summit1g thinks just opposite to what shroud has to say about CoD Warzone Solos vs trios.

He described the experience as “very campy, very sweaty,” adding that it “kind of sucks.”

Solos and Trios are separating players based on their opinion and game style, many players like to play solo while some want to have fun with other friends.

And if this discussion of CoD Warzone: Solos vs trios continues for a longer period of time.

Then maybe Activision will introduce Duos and Squads.

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