Shroud shares his design of perfect FPS game and how he will build it, Shroud is one of the greatest FPS genre players and he can design a perfect FPS game because he has been living the FPS genre since the beginning of his career.

Shroud has been living the FPS genre because he has played and mastered
almost every FPS game in the market, and he started his gaming career with
the most popular FPS game CSGO, then he moved on to PUBG and etc.

We can say that Shroud can deliver the best FPS game because he knows
almost everything about the game and how every object in the game should

He is also one of the most popular streamers around the globe but what if he
joins a designing company to deliver a new FPS game, well he has all your
questions answered.


Shroud shares his design of perfect FPS game

On June 11 in one of his video Shroud reveals that Escape from Tarkov have
everything that he loves about an FPS game and that he can just tweak some
elements here and there to give it a little bit more perfection.

“Honestly, if I was to make a game, I think it would be something like [Escape from Tarkov],” shroud admits. “It would be raid-based, map-based, super-survival based but not too crazy hardcore. I’d really want a game like Tarkov, but not as modern.”

“I want a game where it’s like really sh*tty. You’ve got good melee mechanics. You have sh*tty, put-together-with-tape pistols and rifles, and every now and then you can find insane sh*t.”

Shroud then answers chat viewers question on will it be open world map or something else?

“Not an open world like DayZ? I think open world games kind of suck. This is the way to do it. You do it instance-based,” he answers.

“Kind of like Rust weapons? Yeah, but I wouldn’t want it to look like Rust. I want it to look more like Tarkov, where it’s got that realistic kind of look to it, but with sh*tty put together weapons. Rust is cartoony ⁠— it’s got its skins and colourfulness ⁠— I want it dark and gritty. More so Fallout-style.”

However, despite having the exact formation and plan of the game shroud
admits that he does not have enough man-power and funds to create it solo.

“If I was ever to be on some project of game creation, [the game] would be something super basic. I don’t have the funds to have this giant studio with hundreds of people to actually make a good game. If anything, it’d be a project that starts with 10 people and takes 10 years.”

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