Shroud says Valorant is releasing too soon it “is not ready” yet and the developers also believes the same and they are releasing it under pressure from Riot Games.

It has been over a month and a half since the release of Valorant closed beta, the
first-ever tactical shooter game from Riot Games, and no doubt the game has been
a huge success with players from all around the globe joining the game in huge


Shroud says Valorant is releasing too soon

On May 21 Valorant has finally revealed the official release date for the full release of
the game on June 2, but the Mixer star Shroud is not happy with the release date,
Shroud says is releasing too soon as the game is not ready yet.

“It is not ready. Valorant is not ready. I don’t know what the f**k they think they’re doing,” he said. “I think they’re just being pushed by Riot,” he says in addition to his tweet, he believes that developers are releasing it under pressure from the Riot Games.

Shroud says that Developers also knows that the game is not ready yet, because the game is “missing so much” and that the launch is “going to be bad” because it is rushed.

On his this statement many users points out that maybe developers have already
squeezed everything out of beta and they are ready for the launch,“They could,” shroud admitted. “I hope so.”

Mixer star also says that the launch wouldn’t be worse as the game is almost
ready but still it requires some more time to be prefect for launch, he says,“I personally think it needs a little bit more time, he added. “It is close to being ready.”

Valorant final release is good news for players who haven’t got the chance to try out the next big FPS title, and for those also who are from the region where Valorant beta was not available.

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