Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek has explained why he thinks CoD new game ‘Warzone’ will be a hell lot of difficult to balance.

After the release of Call of Duty’s free game mode CoD Warzone on March 10, many players are grinding in-game and so does ex CSGO professional Shroud.

Shroud is having a great time in-game, at one point he says, CoD Warzone is more impressive than Apex legends.

Although it has only been a couple of days since the release of new battle royale, players are already complaining about game’s ‘time of kill’ which is far higher than other competitive battle royale modes like PUBG, Apex Legends and Fortnite.

But, Shroud has stepped up to defend the Infinity ward on this topic.

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Shroud talks about CoD Warzone ‘rapid-fire time to kill’

During his March 16 stream, many viewers asked his thoughts on title’s rapid-fire time to kill.

On which he said Call of Duty battle royale games will always run into ‘balancing issues’ when it comes to gameplay.

“The TTK is too high? I mean, it’s really, really fast, it really is… but that’s the thing, you can’t balance it. It’s near impossible to balance TTK in Call of Duty because their main focus is to try and combine all aspects of the game,” he said.

Moreover, the Modern Warfare series has to make sure that their weapons don’t become too overpowered or too weak in their multiplayer modes.

“Multiplayer, battle royale, and all the others are kinda connected too, so it’s tough to balance because that’s just CoD right?” shroud continued, before suggesting the franchise’s weapons usually land around the same level of power.

“Shotguns are gonna win close range usually, SMGs dominate, assault rifles are just like that good balance, and snipers just own… you just have to take it for what it is, that’s pretty much what you do in every Call of Duty game.

“That leads into Warzone. How can you balance all that to be perfect? You just take it for what it is. There’s too many variables [to balance them all],” he added, and suggested again that fans just “accept it” rather than complain.

Topic starts at 3:37

Along all of these the ex- CSGO professional is also analyzing the new battle royale game and mentioned earlier an issue about Warzones ‘super fast’ gas.

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