Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek in his recent live stream mentioned changes Apex Legends need to bring him back in-game.

Shroud left Apex Legends completely since he moved to Mixer from Twitch after Ninja.

Since then he has been playing “Escape from Tarkov” – The most-watched game on twitch in the first week of January and “Call of Duty”.

Everyone was expecting ‘Shroud’ to participate in the Apex Legends Grand Soirée event, but he was kind of mesmerized by Escape from Tarkov.

Grand Soirée Event adds a new LTM (Limited Time Mode) in Apex Legends every two days, but the streamer had completely said “No” to the event.


Likewise, Escape from Tarkov is a game similar to Battle Royale but not Battle Royale.

In other words, it is a mixture of COD FPS and PUBG Battle Royale.

Shroud had once before talked about Apex Legends being boring where he mentioned the game as “not appealing” to him, although the ex CSGo pro had played the game frequently in 2019.

In his recent stream while talking about Apex Legends Shroud mentions about his intentions to try Third-person LTM if APex Legends add it in-game.

Shroud mentioned changes Apex legends need to bring him back in-game

“It’s not really an ‘Apex event’, it’s just a couple of LTMs and stuff,”, “there’s nothing special about it.” 

“But either way, I’m not missing anything in Apex. Apex is still the same game, with a couple of new game modes that are just for fun,” he finished.

Shroud mentions “meta changes” to be implemented in Apex Legends

“I’m more so interested in, I don’t know, maybe new characters? Meta changes,” he explained. “I’m ready to see their meta changes, with new weapons and hop-ups. I’m already ready for that. I don’t care about the actual game, I want it to change.

“I want it to be adaptive, you know? It’s been the same game for a while now,” he concluded, “that’s just my thoughts.”

Maybe Shroud’s wish will be fulfilled as Apex Legends Season 4 is right around the corner with the end of Season 3.

Season 4 will be launched on February 4 on the one-year anniversary of the game.

And there are already leaks regarding new guns and stuff so we might see some new characters and guns.

Let’s see if then we can see Shroud back in-game.

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