Shroud expresses his views on the latest Apex Legends Evo Shield and also what changes he wants the developers to make.

How does Evo Shield work in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends released Evo Shield as a part of System Override Collection Event on March 3.

Evo Shield works like this: Every time you eliminate an enemy it gets stronger.

Moreover, it also changes colour and also has the potential to become far stronger than Epic Body Shield.

Well, there are mixed views from players, some are in favour of it and some says it is not that powerful.

Evo Shield is a part of System Override Collection Event

Michael ‘shroud’ Grzesiek is one of them who don’t support the fact that it is better than regular body shield.

Evo Shield requires slow passive style gameplay to work which is not Shroud’s cup of tea.

The Ex CSGO professional likes to run straight into his opponents and shoot them down.

And for him, the new body shield doesn’t work much.

Shroud mention changes for Apex Legends Evo Shield

Shroud tested a lot of new items on his recent mixer stream and expressed views on them.

He also tweeted his part explaining changes and how developers can make the shield better.

“Apex Legends suggestion: Evo Shield spawns [with] 50 health. 150 damage [upgrade to] Blue, 250 damage after that [upgrade to] Purple, 400 damage after that [upgrade to] Red,” he said.

“If you’re in ring one [upgrade to] Blue, ring two [upgrade to] Purple, ring three [upgrade to] Red.”

According to the shroud, Evo Shield should upgrade after one kill if you hit all the bullets on target.

And it will also reward players staying alive till the last (passive players).

“It credits early fight wins, but by the end of the game everyone has the same shield,” the Mixer superstar added.

There is no exact confirmation on how much damage you should do to upgrade your shield but according to shroud version here are the follows.

  • White: On spawn
  • Blue: 150 damage dealt, or make it into the first ring.
  • Purple: 400 damage dealt, or make it into the second ring.
  • Red: 800 damage dealt, or make it into the third ring.

He also suggested an LTM mode where he can test the Evo Shield.

“This ‘test’ of Evo shields is utterly useless because of the fact of other shields being in the game,” he said, before adding the LTM could have been better. “I randomly thought of this, could be a more interesting limited-time mode?”

Taking about changes the community has suggested many different changes like regenerating shield just by killing enemies rather than using cells and batteries.

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