Shroud is one of the biggest streamers who are excited to join Riot Game’s upcoming Valorant On April 1 he writes a letter to fans describing that he will be Joining Valorant E-sports soon.

Riot game’s Valorant is already a hot topic in the e-sports industry and many believe that it
will dominate each and every title present in the FPS genre.

Some say that the game is 10 times better than any other fps title, and some streamers who got their early hands on the game describes it as the game they have never played in a very
very long time.

Shroud is one of them who got to play the games earlier than any other player.
and he describes his experience with the game as ‘fun’ and despite being in beta the game
really looks better.


In April 2018 shroud officially announced his retirement from CS: GO, the reason being that
he wanted to try full time streaming for some times, after that he played a variety of games
like PUBG, Apex Legends, Call of Duty and Escape from Tarkov.

He was having quite a fun time and it never seemed like he will go back to competitive games.

But from the beginning of 2020 shroud mentioned that he is not having fun playing these games and wants to play something new.

And on March 31 he talked about Valorant and on April 1 he tweeted a letter thanking his
fans for the support and his plans to become a professional Valorant player.

Shroud Joining Valorant E-sports

He starts with “The last several years have been insane. you guys have allowed me to chase
my dream and enjoy every day of it”.

“Last weekend I played Riot’s new shooter Valorant. Since Sunday, it’s all i’ve been thinking

Then he confirms his plan of joining the competitive Valorant.

He says, “Broys, I’m going pro in Valorant”.

After his tweet, many pro players came forward to ask shroud to join them, Even Cloud9
tweeted if he wants a team.

But this can all be just an April fools prank as the letter was dropped on April 1st.

Ex Fortnite professional ‘Poach’ who also left Fortnite for Valorant tweeted the date hinting that it can all be an April Fool’s prank.

Well, we can only wait to see whether Shroud joins Valorant as a professional player or not.

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