Mixer Star and Ex CSGO professional Shroud recently explained his opinion on Valorant’s Future and how long will it stay in the market. He also shares his views on why FPS genre will not die ever.

Shroud’s most favourite game right now is Riot Games Valorant, he is in love with this game
and often talks about its future or what developers can do to make it even better.
And recently during his live stream, he talked about why he believes that Valorant will last
at least 10 years in the market and along with that he also answers why FPS genre will never die.

In the past couple of years, a lot of new games have dominated the older ones, like Apex
Legends and Fortnite is for PUBG, the same way Valorant is for CSGO and Overwatch, players
and streamers believes that it will be one of the biggest e-sports games soon and will out list
CSGO and Overwatch.


Shroud explains Valorant’s Future during the live stream

During a nice talk with Chat on his stream, somebody asked him a question about FPS genre,
to which shroud says that despite new comes coming every year competitive, non-competitve, the love for FPS in his heart will always be the same.

There are now games which once struggled to get a bit of popularity are now coming up like
Escape from Tarkov etc. But he also believes that other genres are also on their way to rule the industry

“FPS games aren’t even close [to dying],” he said. “The games that are on the end stages of their lives are RTS [real time strategy] games. They don’t have much left, unless they get revitalized through some other genre.”

In support of his answer, he gives an example of him playing Valorant and never getting bored.

“‘Do you start getting bored when you’re playing Valorant?’ Nope, not at all,” he said. “It’s a hard game to get bored of to be honest.”

Shroud explains why FPS genre will not die

Then he also gives the example of a long life of CSGO, he says that games like CSGO prove
that FPS genre is not dead and it is healthy and is here to live more.

“Counter-Strike has lasted two decades. Escape from Tarkov ⁠— f**king years and years and years. Valorant’s going to last another ten years probably. Call of Duty, biggest FPS in the world. Halo, Overwatch ⁠— FPS is the genre,” he said.

This November Counter-Strike will turn 20 years old

Some players believe that Valorant will not last that long, but there is also a huge
community who believes that the Valorant’s future is long and it will conquer the best
e-sports title in the future.

Shroud is completely in love with the game and he is ready to play Valorant 10 years and
thousands or millions of people will follow his lead.

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