Valorant player base is growing day by day and so is the debates, recently Mixer Star Shroud started a debate on two of the best Valorant weapons Phantom & Vandal.

Shroud is one of those first players/streamers who got their hands on the early access of
the game and since then he is in love with the game. Not only the game but he is also
talking about Agents, maps and mechanism of the game constantly during his broadcasts.

And his recent debate was on two of Valorant best weapons Phantom & Vandal, in the
debate he also mentions why he prefers Phantom over Vandal.

As per now, there are a total of 17 weapons to play around in Valorant but these two rifles are
the most loved ones, because of being automatic and the fan base is equal on both sides.


Shroud’s take on Valorant Weapons Phantom and Vandal

The debate happened when two players were exchanging words on What shroud should prefer using and which of the two weapons suits his playstyle.

One user says, “shroud uses Vandal because he’s not a pea brain,” while another was insisting that the Phantom actually suits his style more. They kept talking about the reasons
and constantly tagging shroud, after which shroud finally replied and puts the break to the debate.

He says, “Phantom for spraying through smoke / Vandal for the tap bursts. Pretty simple really. I think the Phantom is better IMO,” he said, putting the brief debate to rest.”

Well, this wasn’t the end of the debate, after that shroud tweets out two more lines describing why he choose only those guns.

According to him, the position matters the most just like in any other FPS tactical shooter game.

He said: “What position you’re playing, character, strat and the enemy’s economy,” adding: “I mean at the end of the day, you should be familiar with both. You never know which one you may pick-up from the enemy” in a later tweet.”

Well, these opinions may change over the course of time because the game is in its very early
stage and we know that as we move forward things change with these kinds of games.

And as per Shroud, he will keep using Phantom over Vandal, let us know what is your favourite weapon in the game.

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