PUBG Mobile ScoutOp leaves Fnatic roster, this news is coming directly from Fnatic’s official Twitter handle with a tweet giving Scout a goodbye.

Fnatic came to India with their first ever PUBG Mobile team back in 2019 and Sc0ut was one of the first
five members to join the roster. He is also one of the most experienced and mature PUBG mobile player.

But unfortunately first PUBG was banned in India by government because of tensions between China and India on LAC and now Sc0ut has officially left Fnatic.


ScoutOp leaves Fnatic officially

The news is coming from Fnatic’s official twitter handle with a tweet including a goodbye sc0ut video.

“Today, we say goodbye to Scout. Since Fnatic arrived in India, we have seen your passion and your dedication become an inspiration for millions. You have just not made the name scout known by the world, you have made your entire country one to be listened to.You’re creating a legacy, and we’re pleased it’s been Black and Orange for this time. Thank you and good luck. Once a Fnatic, Always Fnatic.” – the tweet reads.

Sc0ut is one of the oldest professional players of PUBG Mobile and he has played with so many teams at
so young age – he started his journey from PMSC Asia 2018 as a member of Team IND.

“This was something I cannot ever forget in my life. It’s a mixed emotion which I cannot express in words ❤️A Roller Coaster Ride #alwaysfnatic,” Scout replied on social media.

Sc0ut has been a part of Fnatic from past one year but he actually never was a part of it, during their one
year contract he moved to play with Orange Rock because of his friendship with Orange Rock’s Captain Mavi and his team. As a result, Orange Rock secured second place in PMWL 2020.

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