ScOut is one of the finest PUBG Mobile players in INDIA and plays from Team Fnatic. Recently ScOut reacted on Fnatic PMIC performance and defined why they lost PMIC.

ScOut joined Team Fnatic leaving SouL back in October 2019, the young PUBG professional also has a YouTube channel with over 500k Subscribers.

Recently he participated in PMIC 2020 with his line up of Team Fnatic – scOut, Owais, Ash and Paritosh, where the lost the PMIC match.

scOut abuses Paritosh on stream due to his weak performance in PMIC 2020

Then, later on, his stream ScOut pointed out all the weak points of the team which led to their loss in the tournament on all three maps, Sanhoj, Miramar and Erangel.

He also praised two of his fellow team members “Owais” and “Ash” saying that both of them have improved very much in-game.

“None have the gameplay like Owais and Ash in Fnatic,” He said. “They have improved their gameplay on a whole different level”, “Owais improved his weakest point “Gunfight” and Ash Improved his weakest point “Gamesense”.

But, unfortunately, he wasn’t able to say the same for “Paritosh”.

scOut mentions weak points why Fnatic lost PMIC

scOut said “If someone is playing bad tell him he is bad”, “If someone is playing well then only say he is playing well,” He said, then he urged his fans – I request you “If someone is playing bad tell him he is bad, Do not defend anyone”.

Then he started the gameplay clip from his PMIC tournament.

On Erangel he mentioned the first point when one of his teammates called “Let me sneak in while being in an open field” he says “how can someone sneak in while being in an open field”.

Then, a buggy passes by and he mentions another bad gameplay from his teammate that no one sprayed on the passing buggy “I can hear the buggy, and you can hear the buggy, then why not spray on it,” he said.

Moving on to Miramar, he showed the worst team coordination from his teammates.

“Ash gave a call to smoke in front of them as only 15sec is left for zone close in, but Paritosh did the worst smoke”.

Then, on Sanhok Bootcamp area the team again played their worst.

From what we think is scOut have a valid point here to scold “Paritosh” because in all three of the maps “Paritosh” was the one who was not coordinating with the team, and this also clearly shows that one person on a team can lead you to a loss and PMIC is a big stage where each loss matters.

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