S8UL vs 8bit Creatives – 8bit Thug the co-owner of 8bit creatives has come forward to answer the most asked question in Indian eSports that is “if somebody joins 8bit creatives does that mean he is also a part of team S8UL.”

In a recent video on his YouTube Channel, the co-owner of 8Bit creatives explains what is the role of 8Bit creatives in eSports and what is S8UL.

If you guys don’t remember there was a Team 8-Bit at the time of PUBG Mobile India which later terminated all of their operations in eSports.

Meaning the team will not be playing any eSports tournament or anything.

This statement is coming out after speculation of Toxic Mavi joining Team S8UL.


S8UL vs 8Bit Creatives What is the role of both?

What is 8Bit Creatives?

According to 8Bit thug 8Bit creatives is a talent management agency independent of an eSports organization.

Meaning that they do not only manage a particular eSports team member but the whole gaming community or whoever wants to join them.

What is S8UL?

S8UL is a an eSports and Content based organization in India. It is a merge of Team 8-Bit and SouL.

The merge happened after 8-Bit Thug left Team SouL and started focusing on his own homegrown team that is Team 8-Bit.

He was then joined by 8-Bit Goldy and after coming to the conclusion all three owners of Team 8-Bit and Team SouL that is 8-Bit Goldy, Mortal, and 8-Bit Thug decided to merge both the team and participate in tournaments as a single organization.

He also clarifies that if someone is under 8-Bit creatives that does not mean that they are a part of Team S8UL.


According to what 8-Bit Thug has explained in his video. 8-Bit Creatives only manages the financial side of the players/YouTubers from any genre but their main focus is on the Gaming side. Whereas, Team S8UL is an eSports and content-creating organization that will be competing in tournaments under the representation of 8-Bit Creatives.

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