Twitch streamer RyanWasTaken is unbanned on the platform, he was banned for involving in “fraudulent activity.” Now after 18 months his plea has gone viral on Reddit and Twitch has addressed their mistake and has unbanned him.

RyanWasTaken is a Pokemon content creator and at the time of his ban he was at the edge of getting Twitch partnership in 2019.

However, his career took a nose dive when Twitch banned him just before applying for being involved in “fraudulent activity” like using fake credit cards to buy subs for him.

“ I got this email and it says that I was engaging in fraudulent activity in purchases or payouts and that I’m banned indefinitely. I didn’t do that,” he claimed.

Well, he was constantly trying to solve this issue with Twitch privately for the last 18 months but at last, he made up his mind to go public after being fed up with the support service. So he posted a video on YouTube on April 7 2021, and it went viral.

“I absolutely agree with not unbanning a Twitch account for doing that but I didn’t do any of these things,” he mentioned.

“Every purchase I made on Twitch I made through my PayPal account or my own debit card, both of which I can prove are mine and I have access too.”

Ryan also revealed that, in the month leading up to his ban, a Twitch user bombarded his channel with hundreds of subs. After approaching them, the gifter said it was because they got a large inheritance and wanted to change people’s lives.

He says he was going to use this load of money to pay off his university, but Twitch blocked his final payouts.

“This is just speculation, but that amount of gifted subs or donations has triggered some sort of flag on Twitch’s system, and they’ve gone: ‘We’re gonna ban him. Clearly they have stolen a credit card and they are gifting subs to their own channel.’

“I don’t know why they haven’t banned the person who also gifted and donated all of that money. They are still fine. They were streaming for a long time.”

Luckily, after a couple of hours, his video went viral on both Twitter and Reddit. And Twitch finally unbanned RyanWasTaken from streaming on the platform.


However, there is still a doubt about whether he will receive all his “thousands of dollars” worth final payout or not. But fortunately, he is again free to stream.

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