A new leak showcases that Marvel Spider-Man 2 is in development and its release date is set to 2021’s Holidays.

A Reddit user has posted some leaks regarding Marvels Spider-Man 2 game and its release date.

Other than just release date the leaks also showcases various new things added to the game.

Why do we trust this Spider-Man game leak Information?

  1. The leaker had posted some leaks in the past regarding “Resident Evil 3 Remake” which is now confirmed.
  2. He clearly mentions that the leak source is from someone close to “Insomniac games”.

For the reveal date, he mentioned that the game will be revealed later this year.

Spider Man game sequel to make its way soon

Rumoured Marvel Spider-Man 2 Game leaks

Now, according to the leak, in the next Spider Man game, we will be having a new open-world “Manhattan” area.

And, Manhattan area will be expanded with the addition of Queens and Brooklyn.

Moreover, the game will also hold some part in the winter season.

For the story, he says that ” Story details are sparse on my side”

According to him, In Spider-Man 2 game Oscorp will be playing a big role, with the implementation of “Cloning” in the game.

There will be new villains like Venom, Green Goblin, Carnage Mysterio, the Lizard, Cardia and few more.

Leaks also suggest that, while the main focus of the game will be Peter Parker, it will also include more sections dedicated to Miles.

Miles plays an integral role in the game, and he will posse different powers and fighting style than Peter Parker. And for the gameplay, Insomniac is adding new mechanics to the open world.

Rumoured Marvel Spider-Man 2 game leaks

The leak mentions that the “Diablo” Esque dungeons mechanic will also be featured in the rumoured Spider-Man 2 for randomized crimes – “Spawning in different types of crimes in different situations with randomized encounters”.

Then he concluded all this saying “major engine work is being done and Insomniac is adopting more technological advances. One being Photogrammetry”.

We can’t deny the fact that the leaker has done a pretty good job in the past and also Spider-Man was a big hit on PS4, so it wouldn’t be to say that the next sequel might be revealed during the release of PS5 next-gen console later this year.

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