After receiving a lot of demand for changes in anti-cheat, Riot developers has finally revealed all the changes that they are doing to Valorants “invasive” anti-cheat.

Vanguard is the anti-cheat system for Valorant, it’s job is to find cheaters using exploits to
spoil the game and band them, but lately, it has been a pain for all the players trying out the
closed beta release of the game.

Riot developers say they are making the much-needed changes to the Valorants “invasive” anti-cheat, the problem with this anti-cheat system is that it runs in the background 24/7
even if you are not playing the game and developers are soon releasing a new update to
make it more flexible.

Changes coming to Valorant’s “invasive” anti-cheat system

Riot are now giving you ability to uninstall the Vanguard when you are not playing the game,
after the next update Vanguard’s icon will be visible in system tray, and from there you can
simply uninstall the anti-cheat system.

And you don’t have to worry about reinstalling it, it will automatically reinstall every time you
open up the game, you can also disable the vanguard when not playing Valorant.

To disable it simply right-click on the icon and it will show you a list of options, Exit Vanguard, Hide Tray, and Uninstall Vanguard.

How to disable Valorant’s anti-cheat

This feature will make Valorant’s “invasive” anti-cheat system more flexible and easy to use,
because before it used to constantly run in the background and munch on system RAM, but
now players can easily stop it from doing that.

Developers talk about Valorant’s Vanguard

Riot Games Senior Software Engineer Nemi, says “Vanguard will be able to provide better competitive integrity and a more secure environment for all players.” after this update.

“We want to operate at the highest possible standard for our players so they never have to question whether or not they lost to a cheater,” he said. “In order to do that, we’re going to operate at the cutting edge for anti-cheat on Valorant.”

Having an anti-cheat system running in the background has made some players in the
community upset but it looks like Riot is all ready to listen to players concern and address
them as soon as possible.

“We’re not selling your data to China,” the developer jokingly concluded, addressing its
relation with the Chinese company “Tencent game”.


This updates will takeaway some concerns from players.

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