Cloud9 Valorant legend TenZ takes it upon him to let Riot Games what they need to fix in Valorant and the first being adjusting accuracy associated with rifles hip-fire.

TenZ is an ex CSGO profession player turned Valorant legend and when it comes to let Riot Games about the
issues he is the first one to speak whether it be positive or negative.

In a recent live broadcast he briefly explains why Vandal’s hip fire is better than Phantom.

TenZ did not stop there, in a twitter thread he directly confronted Riot Games developers to make some
much needed adjustments to the game and once again he is started it with the hip-fire accuracy.


What adjustment does Riot Games need to fix in Valorant according to TenZ?

In the thread he mentions three main areas that need to get a fix instantly, hip-fire, fire range, and ziplines.

The very first fix is hip fire the pro says , When running with rifles, he can hit shots far too easily, and that to
make the game more realistic and less overpowered Riot needs to adjust this.

The second part of his Tweet goes on to discuss the Classic. Noticing that when right-clicking and jumping the Classic seems to one-shot things at long range, he specifically asks Riot to adjust the damage dropoff for medium-long range shots. This is especially important when you consider the first round of every Valorant match is a pistol round.

The third and final adjustment that Riot needs to fix is with Zipwires, according to him players can easily
hit shot with almost 100% accuracy while moving on zipwires, again this is something that is both unrealistic
and will give players easy kills if they take to the high ground.

To support his statements he then releases some videos of him showing exactly what he is talking about.

Well it is all on Riot Games – when they addresses these issues and take any action against it. Hopefully, they
consider this in their next patch update and fix these issues.

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