In a new video from Riot Games developers, Salvatore ‘Volcano’ Garozzo and Trevor ‘Classick’ Romleski talks about their plans about how they will balance Valorant’s future weapons and Agents.

Well, it has been only a couple of weeks since Valorant beta release and according to the
game’s stats, it looks like the game is doing pretty well, despite being in closed beta version.

Tons and Tons of players are joining the game every day and enjoying their time with it but
there are many players who are looking for an answer about when they are going to see the
first agent or weapon nerf.

“For Valorant we want to take an approach where we’re not knee-jerk reacting to whatever
we see on a forum or whatever social platform,” Classick said, mentioning his past work on
League of Legends and was familiar with that game’s balance strategy. “We want to make
sure that there’s time for players to solve the problem, use all the systems and content in the
game to see if they can figure out if something is truly OP or truly underpowered.”

After that Volcano added some of his points to the statement “With that being said, we’re going to find a tough balance here. We need to find when is the right time to step in and introduce a patch versus when it would be better to just let things take their course and let players solve the problem on their own.”

Riot developers take on nerfing Valorant’s weapons and Agents

Well, according to both the developers these statements are regarding the game’s current state and they will be “feeling it out” when they find out what community actually wants.


If we think from there perspective, these statements make sense as the game is in its early
stage and it is not event completely released yet, but as players make progress in the game
and learn every bit of it then developers will have a ton of data to make changes according to
game’s or players need.

“We want to be very, very delicate with how we approach changing those if they need to be changed,” Volcano says.

“We definitely want to respect the knowledge that you build up over time and the muscle memory that you build from playing the game for a lot of hours,” Classick concluded, “We want to respect the time that you put into the game.”

Well, if the Valorant’s developers do want to make some changes in the Agents or Weapons,
we will see them coming along with Valorant Ranked mode.

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