Apparently Respawn’s job vacancy reveals a new Apex Legends map underdevelopment as they post the job stating that the developer will be handling multiplayer maps.

Apex Legends Season 5 was the return of King’s Canyon but players were
not quite satisfied with this update, they wanted a new map but the new
job listing from Respawn reveals that a new map will be coming soon.

In May Respawn did an announcement that they have started a new studio
in Vancouver which will focus only on Apex Legends.

And soon after this announcement, there has been a lot of speculations
about cross-play, mobile version and many new contents to be on the way.


Apex Legends new map underdevelopment?

On May 19, Respawn posted this vacancy to hire an experienced level designer for their team working on Apex Legends. In the job description, it says that the new hire will “create and own large scale multiplayer maps iterating through gameplay blockouts in a live playtest environment.”

But the part where they describe their goal of creating a new map is very clear
they say, “helping realize the creative vision for taking players to new worlds.”

The designer will also be expected to “champion a gameplay first mentality,” and “be forward-thinking and pro-active in terms of finding ways to improve the players’ experience through map design.”


After the release of World’s Edge in season 3 everybody was expecting
for a new map, living on the theory of new map every two season but
they were rewarded with a new Legend and old-broken King’s Canyon map.

This job posting doesn’t mean that players will be getting a new map in
Season 6 because they are hiring right now and the developer will have to
take his time designing the map keeping gameplay in mind which will take
a whole lot of time, so the best guess to expect a new map would be season 8.

Maybe we already know where this map will be because an eagle-eye player
has spotted a reference to “Psamathe” the birthplace of Lifeline and Octane
in Loba’s trailer when she breaks into an underground facility.


However, there are a lot of legends from different Titanfall planets so we
can not say in particular which legend’s house will be players visiting.

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