Emulators provide a great platform for people who are looking to play old PlayStation games on their PC. Vita 3k is an open-source experimental PS emulator written in C++. It is capable of playing and running homebrew and commercial games. Even though Sony is consistently releasing new PlayStations every season, there are games of previous PlayStations that may not be compatible with the updated version. These old PS games can be played on PC if you download Vita3k emulator.

Vita 3k emulator makes sure that there is no illegal activity. It is a trademark of Sony interactive. It is not endorsed by the company. As it is in the early stages of development, Vita 3k emulator does not support many commercial games. As the accuracy of software/hardware improves, more games will be supported by the emulation.

System Requirements for Vita 3k emulator

It is important to check the system requirements before downloading the vita 3k emulator. If the system itself is not capable of being compatible with the emulator, then a lot of games will be unable to run. These are the minimum system requirements for running Vita 3k emulator:

  • CPU containing AVX instruction set
  • GPU that supports open GL 4.1
  • 4 GB RAM (minimum)

Recommended requirements

  • GPU that supports shader interlock and open GL 4.3 and above
  • CPU containing AVX instruction set
  • 6 GB RAM (minimum)

Other requirements:

  • If the software shows, VCRUNTME140_1.dll was not found, then simply download and install Visual C++ 2015-2019 redistributable. 
  • The operating system needs to be 64 bit for vita 3k to work.

Features of Vita 3k emulator

In a variety of areas, Vita 3k outrivals most of its competitors. Even though it is still in the early stages of development and updates are constantly being added to it, it boasts a variety of features that allows the emulation of many games possible. These are some of the features if one wishes to download Vita 3k emulator:

  1. Cost-free and open source – When it comes to streaming, it is secure and allows download free of cost. Developers have said that many games are running on their accessibility list. It is already free to download; however, if anyone wants, they can contribute to the AppVeyor website.
  2. Low compatibility requirements – As the compatibility requirements for this emulator are low, most low-end PCs can support it. Games running on this emulator can be run on most operating systems. This makes gaming more fun and easy. The emulator is very user-friendly, and settings can be configured easily. The overall game emulation is also very simple and easy to understand.
  3. Outstanding performance – Even though the emulator is relatively new, most of the games can be easily played with less processing power. For large games, we still have to wait. Developers have, however, done a great job by providing an accessibility list of games.Hence we can expect the addition of the large games soon on Vita 3k.
  4. Accessibility of playing a large number of games – There is no need to transport cartridges or disks to play a lot of games. It also allows multiplayer games to be played easily. The emulator improves the sound or graphic quality of games. It not only allows the user to play games on the preferred platform but also allows a variety of consoles like the joystick, gamepad, or something else entirely. Taking screen grabs and screenshots between the games is also possible. 

Installation of PS Vita 3k emulator

The software can be easily found on the official webpage of Vita 4k or GitHub. The software is very small in size and can be easily updated on the computer.

To install the firmware, one simply has to go to the official webpage of PlayStation and open File>> Install firmware. The other firmware website containing the system fonts is located on PlayStation servers. It is important to understand that the system modules found on the website may not work properly with Vita 3k. Hence, only four modules should be loaded:

  • Libpgf
  • Libpvf
  • Libatrac
  • Libasas

These can be downloaded simply by going to Configurations>settings>core.

After this, one simply has to download games from the official website of the games and drop it into the emulator. As the emulator condones any piracy, it is preferable to download games from official sources rather than through informal ways.

Games available to be played on Vita3k emulator

Vita 3k emulator can play some commercial games and a lot more homebrew games. 

  • Commercial games – The four commercial games that can be played on it are Fruit ninja, Alone with you, My name is Mayo, and VA 11 Hall A.
  • Homebrew games – these include 2048 PSP, 4 rows, Account switcher, Bad, Apple Vita, Minesweeper, Girls are weird, Bernard chronicles, and Death runs to vita.

As of now, the emulator is in its beta stage and therefore cannot run too many commercial games. V3k is the only emulator right now to play PS games on PC; hence it is important that only a valid copy of it is installed rather than a pirated copy from any other website. The new firmware 4.01 version is capable of running many games and also includes a CPU clock which includes CPU clock frequency repair code which resolves the issue of halting and stopping the game in between.

Conclusion The PC Vita 3k software has many strong features with security protocols in place. There is no need for any VPN or RDM to be installed. The middleware is also working fine for the installation of the emulator. Therefore downloading the PS Vita 3k emulator is recommended for the smooth functioning of PS games. A lot of people nowadays intend to relive their childhood memories with the help of these games. This emulator provides a great solution for them to enjoy these games.

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