Two of the biggest Minecraft content creators Ranboo and Tuboo are joining Misfits Gaming as the eSports org continues to invest in the world of Minecraft.

The news comes out as an announcement from the organization on February 2, the organization has been pulling out the best from the Minecraft world to join their org since 2021.

The org already has popular teams across Rocket League, League of Legends, Call of Duty (Florida Mutineers), Overwatch (Florida Mayhem), and other titles. Now, they’re getting their hands in Minecraft, too.

Ranboo and Tuboo are the newest addition to their already set-up Minecraft content creators team. Both of these guys are the game’s biggest names.

Misfits Gaming signs Ranboo and Tuboo

So…@TubboLive and @Ranboosaysstuff joined #MisfitsCraft. What does this mean??? More collaborations, more events, more content, more great things for the community 🙂 so much dumb cool stuff 🙂

Combining both Ranboo and Tubbo numbers on social media they have about 6 million followers on Twitter, more than 6-million subscribers on YouTube, and over 8.9 million on Twitch. The two have cultivated engaged, passionate communities and that plays a major role in the Misfits partnership.

In a press release the official mentioned, they want their creator team to be “unique, inclusive, entertaining, and generally pretty wholesome.” With Ranboo and Tubbo on the team, Misfits is really standing up on their words.

This means that they will be trying out new things with the content creators, As they teased in the press release, they’ll be supporting Tubbo with his very own server: “Tubnet.”

In the past, we have seen many custom Minecraft servers getting wild so it would be a great pleasure to see what new elements both these creators will be bringing on to the servers.

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