Rainbow Six: Siege’s replay system is finally revealed by Ubisoft showcasing how it will work in-game after being teased for such a long time.

Rainbow Six: Siege is getting a replay system to give you chances to replay your sick aces
and shots without constantly recording your screen.

According to the information that we have it will store your 10 games and replace them with
every patch, it is like CSGO “Your Match” section but unfortunately, there is no clipping
system like League of Legends or Overwatch but it will be soon in-game.

As per its release date, it is not coming anytime soon, it will be released later this year but
Ubisoft have got us an early look at how Rainbow Six: Siege’s replay system will work.

The section will include any custom games, quick matches, unranked, ranked, and arcade playlists.


Rainbow Six: Siege’s Replay System Details

And what features will you be getting so said earlier it will be like CSGO’s your matches
section where you can watch the match from every perspective, not just your team but also your
enemies perspective.

“Our goal with Match Replay is to provide players with an interactive tool that will provide full coverage and perspective on their last 10 games,” Ubisoft said in a May 19 blog post.

“Once you’re in the replay, you can use the Spectator mode tools to relive your clutch plays, scrutinize missteps, and analyze your strategy to level up your game.”

Ubisoft further says that The Shell is just the beginning and they want to give the system “even more functions.”

This includes storing files online, the ability to share replays with others, and downloading official esports matches on top of your own.

According to the information we have, it will first release on test servers and later on the
official servers this year, so get ready to record some awesome clips post match.

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