Rainbow Six Siege Leaks Potential Punishment System for Console M&K Players Revealed

A series of Rainbow Six Siege leaks have hinted at a possible penalty mechanism for console gamers who utilize a mouse and keyboard.

In a game like Rainbow Six Siege, equality is key, and putting players on par with each other is a key element of game design While the PC community prefers to use a mouse and keyboard, the console version of the game is designed to be played with a controller

However, since Xbox and Playstation allow the use of M&K, some gamers have decided to align the game in their favor and use the super-precise aim of the mouse to gain an advantage over their opponents.

If these recent Year 8 leaks are to be believed, then Ubisoft could finally be putting an end to this behavior.

The new Rainbow Six Siege leaks reveal Punishment System for Console Mouse & Keyboard Players.

In the alleged leaked screenshot, text explaining how it works is prominently displayed:

“On consoles, mouse and keyboard players now get a penalty that adds lag to their inputs. Continued use increases the lag over several matches, increasing fairness by removing their unfair advantage by making it harder to aim and shoot,” the explanation reads.

“Completing matches with a controller gradually reduces the lag back to normal. This feature will be monitored closely.”

This means that the punishment will accumulate over time, and it will take several “fair game” matches for it to take effect.

Some fans have raised doubts about introducing such a system, noting issues such as setting accessibility and eliminating M&K from gamers who cannot afford a gaming PC powerful enough to operate it. A successful siege.

“They can’t ban officially sanctioned input devices. Both Sony and Microsoft have given the approval for Hori to make a licensed MnK adapater for their systems, do you know how stupid it is to expect a ban after that? Legitimate people who purchased something off of playstations website could just be banned, that would be counter intuitive to them and unfair to the people who purchased them because they’re legal” one fan said

One another fan shared his concern saying: “If it truly works long term, imagine getting swung but your input to shoot and aim is a whole second late rofl. Can’t wait to shit on these nerds”

These questions may eventually be answered if Ubisoft incorporates this mechanism in the game, but for the time being, players will have to wonder.

Year 8 was officially revealed on Sunday, February 19, and with the promise of a “new era” in the game, those answers are likely to come sooner rather than later.

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