A Dataminer has leaked Rainbow Six Siege arcade co-operation playlist ‘Stolen Goods’ will be coming soon.

In the past week, Rainbow Six Siege released Golden Gun arcade playlist. and they are planning to release more of these this season.

In Golden Gun arcade playlist Siege took you into a flashback to Goldeneye 64 days.

And we might have possible leaked information about Rainbow six siege next arcade playlist.

The new arcade playlist is set in revamped Harford base

Rainbow Six Siege Leaked Stolen Goods playlist

This new arcade playlist is titled as “Stolen Goods”.

The Data miner ‘Roly Noly’ found this upcoming ‘Stolen Goods’ playlist on March 25, according to him this new playlist is set to take place in the revamped version of old Hereford base map and is supposed to be released in Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Season 2.

The rework on the map may include opening up all sides of the map and destructible floors.

Also, there will be no metal bars which will give you an option to drop down between floors.

It’s basically a dream for all soft-breach operators like Buck, Sledge, Ash, and Zofia, and makes breach charges and impact grenades incredibly powerful.


The gameplay of the video also looks more like a heist based mission.

And Attackers need to complete a couple of objectives like securing safes and extracting hostages, to win rounds.

Well, there is a twist the leaked Rainbow six siege data shows that the number to players in a team is dropped to 3v3.

This is because the number of objectives and map size is very small and to make it harder for defenders.

However, these are all leak based data and nothing is yet officially announced by Ubisoft.

So it is better if you take it that way only.

Anyhow, if anything is going to happen then we don’t have to wait too long as next season is not so far.

However, if we find any more detail on Stolen Goods playlist we will keep you updated

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