PUBG vs fortnite vs apex legends

In this article, we will compare PUBG vs Fortnite vs Apex legends and come to a conclusion on which is better?

PUBG (Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds )



PUBG is the first most popular Battle Royale game, Developed by PUBG Corporation.

The game was designed by Brendan Greene who is a photographer graphic designer and web designer.

Before designing PUBG he has also worked on ARMA 2 MOD Dayz: Battle Royale.

Then Sony Online Entertainment consulted Greene for a new a game called “H1Z1” and in February 2016 Sony split H1Z1 into two game parts and with that Greene’s Consultation period was also over.

Luckily, at the same time, “Chang-Han-Kim” owner of Ginno games was looking for someone to create a new unique Battle Royale game.

Then, he contacted Greene for this project.

The Development of PUBG started in June 2016 with a team of 35 developers and within 1 year they expanded to 70 developers.

In September 2017 due to the intensive growth of the game, a separate corporation was formed called “Bluehole Ginno Game” later changed to PUBG Corporation.

In March 2019 Greene stepped down as the game’s Lead designer and started supporting the team as Creative Consultant.


PUBG is a player vs player shooter survival game with 100 players jumping on an abandoned island.

You have three squad modes to jump in

1.       Solo

2.       Duo

3.       4-man squad

The game features 4 different maps:

1.       Erangel

2.       Miramar

3.       Sanhok

4.       Vikendi


Erangel: It is the biggest map in-game with a lot of houses and compounds to hide in. The map also features several hot drop zones like “Georgopol”, “Rozhok” and “Novorepnoye”. It is a slow-paced map.

Sanhok: It is more like a jungle-based map full of trees and grasses. Which makes enemy visibility very low.

But, on this map, you need to move really fast you can’t stay at one place for a long period of time as the blue zone moves very quickly in this map.

Miramar: It is an open desert map with fewer places to hide. It is the best map for snipers as you can see enemies from a large distance.

Vikendi: You can say that it is the winter version of Sanhok.


The game features a lot of cool and real-life weapons like AKM, M4, M16 and many more.

Each gun has its own recoil system just like any other FPS game. Every gun in this game can be customized using different attachments like compensator for reducing recoil, angle grip to reduce vertical recoil and many more.


There are three game modes:

1.       Classic

2.       Arcade

3.       Evo Ground


The graphics of the game is very much real and getting better by constant updates from the developers.

The recent big graphic change occurred when the developers rolled out Erangel 2.0 update in which they Remastered several parts of map-like “Military Base” by giving it more abandoned feel and many other parts.

FORTNITE: Battle Royale



FORTNITE Battle Royale is a free-to-play Battle Royale game developed by Epic Games.

Fortnite was developed on the concept of PUBG but it’s one of the most important features that is “Building” which comes from games like “Minecraft” and games like that.

And the other thing that makes it different and popular is its free-to-play feature funded by microtransactions.

In March 2019 the game had crossed over 250 million players and a collective revenue of 1 Billion.

The fact that the game is so much fun to play is because of its cartoon characters and building mechanics which make this game popular among kids as well as some most famous personalities like “Drake” and “Marshmellow” and many others.

The game has broken several records including “Most watched game on stream”.

Fortnite despite being a free-to-play game, gets weekly updates.

Recently, for a couple of days fortnite was gone black, where whenever you opened the game it just shoed you a moving black hole.

And after a week or so, the game came back with a new chapter featuring a new map, new guns, new costumes.


Chapter 2 features a new map after the destruction of the chapter 1 map by a black hole.

The new chapter came up with several new locations, mechanics and boats.


The first FORTNITE tournament was organized on June 12, 2018, featuring a prize pool of US$3 Million. In this tournament, 50 celebrities were teamed up with 50 top streamers.

There were many events happening in-game in the past chapter like “Marshmellow event” In which an LTM mode was introduced for players to enjoy the in-game concert of Marshmellow.


With Chapter 2 there were many new guns introduced in-game here is the link for all weapons.


 The graphics of the game is fully cartoonish. And unique in its own way.

Apex Legends



Apex legends is also a free-to-play Battle Royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment. 

The game started developing in early 2017 featuring its own Titanfall series concept and some concept of its rival PUBG Battle Royale concept.

The game started development with a team of 115 developers as stated by executive producer Drew McCoy.

The CEO of Respawn Entertainment stated that they were trying to create a Battle Royale game which is more team-based rather than solo play.

So, they came up with legends having different abilities and limiting squad numbers to max 3 players and a total of only 20 teams in one match.

Respawn Entertainment caught everyone off guard with Apex Legends, everyone was expecting a Titanfall 3 game.

And recently, Apex legends has crossed over 70 million players.



Apex legends have always been the source of Leaks for Data miners. Each and every new update item or legend is leaked as soon as they get to add up in the game backend files.

Since, the release of Apex legends Data Miners has leaked tons of information regarding new legends, Guns and modes.

And you can say that it is also one of the factors which made the game this popular.


There is a variety of fictional guns and many of them are inherited from Titanfall series, talking of recoil the recoil system is way simpler than PUBG.


Apex Legends have two maps one is “King’s Canyon” which is the default map and other is “World’s Edge” introduced during Season 3.


The graphics of the game is cartoonish and fictional consisting of mountains forming a circle around the map.

There are many new elements in Apex Legends which were never introduced in a Battle Royale game like:

The ability to revive teammate from dead and there are multiple zip lines around the map which you can use to travel from one place to another.

Conclusion: PUBG vs Fortnite vs Apex legends

Talking about PUBG it is more like a real-life Battle Royale game in terms of graphics and gun recoil system, While Fortnite is more like a Kid’s game full of cartoonish environment and characters jumping around whereas Apex legends is a more team-based game where the ability of each and every legend matters.

So, if you have a decent gaming pc I would recommend you should buy PUBG PC but if you are short on Money my second opinion would be to go for Apex Legends as these games still have some real gun mechanics.

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