In this article I have discussed all the fixes you can use to fix PUBG PC lite lag.

PUBG Lite Pc is a new free version of the Pc game with lower graphics for low-end computers and laptops.

What can be the reason of PUBG PC lite lag?

The cause of the lag during the gameplay can be due to your internet connection so, make sure to head over to any Speedtest website and check if you are getting a stable connection or not.

The lag can also be happening due to any security software installed on your computer causing interference in-game or it can be any malicious software or file.

So make sure to run a full system scan once in a while.

Why PUBG PC lite is better than PUBG Emulator or mobile?

PUBG PC lite does lack some lightning effects and high-resolution textures but when you upgrade from emulator or mobile it is a lot better.

How to fix PUBG PC lite lag?

1. Run PUBG Pc lite
2. Open Settings
3. Change Display mode to Full Screen and Resolution to the lowest value possible
4. Chane Overall quality to Very low
5. Enable Lightning
6. Disable Dynamic Resolution
7. Reduce Screen Scale to Lowest Value Possible (50)
8. Click Apply and Close settings

Additional Settings of PUBG PC lite lag fix for Potato Pc without the graphics card

  1. Go to My computer
  2. Local Disk C (Open Drive where you have installed your windows)
  3. Go to users ( Open Current user Folder)
  4. Click on View in Windows toolbar and enable Hidden Folders
  5. Open App Data
  6. Open Local Folder
  7. Go to Shadow Tracker Extra folder
  8. Go to Saved Folder
  9. Open Config Folder
  10. Go to WindowsNoEditor Folder
  11. Open Game user settings
  12. Change “Screen Scale” to “30”
  13. Save the file and exit

Open your game and enjoy.

*Warning* Game will now be more pixelated.

PUBG PC lite has banned more than 4000 accounts from 10th October to 16 October.

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