A leaker has revealed some leak regarding season 19 rewards, Pubg Mobile is an extremely popular game worldwide. This game is top grosser in the category of battle royale.

The craze of PUBG Mobile in India is unbeatable even after the ban the users have shifted to the Korean or Vietnamese version to play the game.

As we all know PUBG Mobile has a tier system in-game. Which makes the players push for higher leagues and there is a reward for each tier in the game.

As currently season 18 is going on in the game. But there are some strong leaks about the game tier rewards of season 19.


PUBG Mobile Season 19 rewards leak

  • Bronze tier

Let’s start with the lowest league. When a new player joins the game he initially starts from the bronze league.

This league is quite easy to be crossed by few matches with good points. The reward for this tier is 200 silver fragments.

  • Silver tier

Silver tier is not much different from the bronze tier. silver requires a little more points than bronze to upgrade.

Rewards for this tier is 400 silver fragments.

  • Gold tier

The difficulty of the game for new player starts from the gold tier.

Gold is a little bit difficult for the new player and requires more point then silver to upgrade.

The reward is 600 silver fragments and the outfit displayed above.

  • Platinum tier

Platinum is the league where you starts to compete with good players the difficulty of the game increases and the reward for this tier is 800 silver fragments and a mask displayed above.

  • Diamond tier

If you reached diamond tier means you are no longer a new player diamond tier increases the hunger for rank push.

The tier is much difficult than the other so the reward for this tier is also different from others.

Rewards for this tier is 1000 silver fragments and a m249 skin.

  • Crown tier

The Crown tier is the third last step to reach the highest tier, so you can imagine the competition and difficulty of this tier the rewards for this tier is quite different from others.

The rewards for this tier is a 3 rating protection card this card prevents the player from getting negative points so they can continue their rank push without any worries.

Three cards can protect you three times and these cards can be used only up to crown you cannot use them further.

  • Ace tier

Ace tier has one of the most competitive lobbies where everyone is playing for their precious points.

This lobby is difficult to survive and requires a lots of survival and kills for further rank push.

The reward for this tier is an s19 parachute skin and  Season 19 Ace title name tag and legendary team entry effect.

  • Conqueror tier

As the tier names tells this is the highest tier of the game and the hardest one among all of them.

This tier allows only 500 peoples to be in this tier of each server.

Rewards for this tier are  Season 19 Conqueror frame, Season 19 Conqueror name tag, and Season 19 Conqueror title.

With this, a player will also receive the mythic entry effect and 2,000 silver fragments.

The tier system encourages the players to play the game more seriously and creates a healthy competitive aura around the globe.

No doubt PUBG Mobile has the best tier system around the mobile games this is one of the main reason behind the success of this game.

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