The new karakin map in PUBG Mobile has just arrived with some new weapons and new structures of buildings.

The krakin map has been coming in the replacement of the vikendi map however these both maps are totally different as compared to the vikendi is a snowy map and karakin is more like of Miramar.

New features of PUBG Mobile New Karakin map:

There are bunch of new stuffs has been added to this map so let’s jump directly on to the list.

  1. Karakin map is 2x2km wide it’s more like a smaller version of the Miramar map with small towns and large rocks and mountains.  There are not a bunch of towns available on the map.
  2. Only 64 players are allowed at a time to play on the map. This map has fast phase gameplay.
  3. The new very interesting feature is the demolition zone in this map there is no red zone. The demolition zone can destroy houses so it’s not a good idea to be in that zone.
  4. The frag grenade is also been removed from the map instead of grenades. there is a sticky bomb that can be used to break walls and to reveal hidden underground tunnels. the sticky bomb takes some sec to explode after being placed.
  5.  You will find thin walls that can be shot through inside buildings around the map.
  6. A new weapon panzerfaust is added to this map this weapon is a one-time use weapon that can destroy the thing within the 6m radius and this weapon can also be used to break walls. It can only be found in airdrops.

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