According to reports, PUBG Mobile new Indian version will have lightweight installation function making it 1GB download size.

PUBG Mobile is a hot topic in the Indian Gaming Community since it’s release.
Players were grinding day and night in the competitive mode to improve skill.

Recently, the game was banned due to rise in India & China conflicts and it was
heartbreak for the whole community, and ever since then players were eagerly
waiting for the return of their beloved game.

The result of this ban broke the contract of PUBG and Tencent games in India and
on November 12 PUBG officials announced their comeback with a new version of
PUBG specifically made for Indian region, and they will also be creating a new
regional office in India.


PUBG Mobile Indian Version will have 1GB Size

After the recent 1.1 update, the download size of PUBG Mobile has dropped to 610 MB
on google play store, this is due to the introduction of Lightweight installation function.

The lightweight installation function is also applied to many regional-specific versions
like VN and TW and it is most likely that the same will be applied to IN version.

Introduction of this feature has made game more playable for players who don’t have
enough space on their devices around the world.

Lightweight Installation Function

This function allows user to download the required resource packs in PUBG Mobile.
Players can download any of the two resource packs listed below.

  1. Low-spec resource pack (329.9 MB)
  2. HD Resource Pack (583.2MB)

In the beginning players will have the Erangel map option only but they can download
other maps from the maps section. Players can also download/delete the resource packs
from the ‘Download’ tab in the game settings.

And for those wondering how to install these resource packs here is a step-by-step video to help you guys install resource packs.

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