After the ban of PUBG mobile global, most of the players has been shifted to the KR version of this game. Now one more bad news coming for the Indian users the PUBG mobile KR is also going to ban in India after 2 months.

The ban of PUBG mobile global is a huge setback to the gaming industry.

But after that, the KR version became the most played game in India there are many people playing it for fun and some are grinding and waiting for PUBG mobile India to come back so they can show their skills.

The most likely reason behind the game ban is the server issue as the ban is not implemented by the govt.

The ban is raised by the KR officials for the outside users of their region.

Pubg KR is made for a smaller region and fewer people but after the ban, a large no of users has been shifted to the game and the load on the servers has suddenly increased which caused the lag and the game is not running quite smoothly which has been an issue for the KR version.

The last official date to play the KR version is 31st June we can’t log in to the game after June 31st.

This is also being linked to the PUBG mobile India as there were leaks coming of the Indian version to be released in the upcoming two months.

There is still a lot of time left before this ban is implemented so either move to Vietnamese version or enjoy your KR version for some more time. Anyhow we will be updating this article with further news from officials.

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