PUBG Mobile is releasing new Payload mode with choppers and rocket launchers.

PUBG Mobile new update List

  1. Payload mode is being added to PUBG Mobile.
  2. Payload mode will feature helicopter and rocket launchers combat.
  3. Now you can revive your TeamMate by collecting ID tag.

PUBG Mobile has recently released a new update in which they introduced some new features like grabbing the ledge of the building (Parkour) and new BRDM2 armoured vehicle basically a tank and blasting Gas Tanks.

In the next 0.15.0 update, PUBG Mobile is all set to introduce new Payload mode allowing players to use Helicopters and rocket launchers in stable servers from today onwards.

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What is the Payload Mode?

The new payload mode will let the player to air combat using helicopters to outplay enemies from the sky and remaining teammates on the ground will have the same firepower by using rocket launchers.

This new feature will also bring different new plays by players because there would be a lot much to do with helicopters and rocket launchers.

Strategy 1

For a bridge camp now you can use a helicopter for surveillance and rocket launchers to blow enemies vehicles.

Helicopter Facts

  1. Will spawn randomly across the map just like other vehicles.
  2. can carry four players at a time.
  3. You will be able to fly it at a certain height only.
  4. The helicopter will be controlled by 4 buttons.
  5. You can damage it by weapons.

What if your enemy gets the helicopter advantage?

  1. You will be provided with rocket launchers and grenade launchers.
  2. The helicopter can only fly at a certain height so it is easy to shoot it down.

Strategy 2

Now here you can kill a whole squad at once think like this,

The full enemy squad is travelling in the helicopter not knowing you are around come out of nowhere shoot it down with rocket launcher and boom whole squad is down.

New Revive System

  1. Collect your dead teammate’s ID and rush to nearest communication tower to bring them back.
  2. Payload mode will only be available in erangel map for a couple of days or maybe weeks.

Payload mode will also include Super Weapon Box which can be found anywhere on the map.

The box will contain:

  1. M134 Minigun
  2. M3E1-A
  3. RPG-7 Rocket Launcher
  4. M749 and MGL Grenade Launcher

The new update will roll out on 23rd October, 8:30 PM IST.

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