PUBG: How to unlock companion in PUBG Mobile?

Since the companions are introduced in PUBG Mobile it has received mixed views on It, some people are liking it and some are completely against that concept, we are not here to tell you if it is good or not we just want you to know how can you unlock the companion in PUBG and comment down below if you are in favour of companions or completely against and one more thing please let us know what kind of content you want us to share here on this website.

What is Companion?

I m pretty much sure that you all know what companion is but for those who are completely unaware of what companion is here is a quick overview.

Companion in PUBG mobile is basically a pet in terms of Bird and other animals which will be with you in the game and the concept behind this is “It will not make you feel alone”  it is more like FORTNITE system in which animals roam and perform some emotions in between matches same goes with this companion.  It is only visible to you and your teammates so there is no other use of it.

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How to get the companion in Pubg Mobile Latest Update?

  1. You need to Find “EGGS” on the map placed at different locations by PUBG Mobile.
  2. You need to Hatch the “EGGS” and then only you can get a Companion.

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If you want to find different the locations where these eggs are placed check out there are tons of videos about the Eggs.

This is the update for beta test and if things go right we might see them in the real game without paying any money.

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