After two years of the launch of “PUBG 4.3 cross-platform update “, the wait for cross-platform is finally over.

With the PUBG 4.3 update cross-platform for PlayStation 4 and Xbox is released.

The gaming industry is growing very fast all over the world and it is estimated that within two years INDIAN Gaming Industry will cross $1 Billion.

To make this growth more effective big gaming hardware companies like Sony and Microsoft are working together.

The original date for this PUBG 4.3 cross-platform update was in September but due to some issues, it wasn’t possible.

Soon Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is also set to have a cross-platform on 25th October.

PUBG 4.3 console update

PUBG 4.3 cross-platform update

In the latest update, PUBG finally released cross-platform play to the game which will allow Xbox One and PS4 players to play against each other.

NEW Feature

A new feature or method is also introduced in-game which will track the progression in the form of “Survival Mastery

It will reward players for their survival skills in each match.

Pubg console update survival maestry
Image: PUBG

New Crate weapon

PUBG 4.3 console update also brings a “Brand new Crate Weapon, the double-barrelled pump-action, DBS shotgun.

Holding 14 shells and able to fire off two shots per second, the DBS will be effective in late-game close quarters combat”.

I hope you will have fun playing with these new features for more updates on PUBG, Apex legends and many other games make sure to bookmark us.

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  9. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
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