Female Twitch star Pokimane suggests fellow streamers who are financially stable not to play Activision Blizzard games.

Activision Blizzard has been part of many controversies in 2021, highlighted by a lawsuit filed against them from the state of California.

And since then, the company has been damned by streamers and gamers like Xbox boss Phil Spencer and PlayStation chief Jim Ryan.

The Game Awards also confirmed that no Activision Blizzard titles would appear during the award show.

And recently, Female Twitch star Pokimane gave a statement in which she suggests fellow streamers not to play Activision Blizzard games.

During a stream on December 8, Pokimane outlined her feelings on streamers playing Activision Blizzard titles.

“I think if you are a financially well-off streamer, you just f**kin’ shouldn’t,” she stated. “However, I do understand that some people may be in a situation where their income is heavily based around a Blizzard game. But I think in that case, they should still be extremely vocal about how they’re against this if they are still gonna play their game.”

Pokimane herself has not played any of the company’s title since the public release of Lawsuit in July 2021.

Even though she did encouraged fellow financially stable streamers not to play any of the Activision’s games but she also understands that it would not be so easy for other small creators to leave the game so easily.

As of now there has been no statement from any other fellow streamers of Pokimane but we will cover that too if anything comes up in near future.

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