Pokimane scolds haters who forcefully try to make her look inappropriate in Twitch clips, according to her they use this as a means to justify speaking about her sexually.

Pokimane is one of the most famous personalities of Twitch and one of the biggest cons of being popular are haters.

She has been dealing with haters for a very long time but things went a little off the line in January 2022 when she was forced to end her stream after Jidion encouraged fans to flood her chat with hateful comments.

This, in turn, led to Jidon’s permanent ban on the platform. He has also apologized and admitted that what he did was wrong and he also try to appeal the ban which was rejected.

However, this did not end hate for Pokimane.

Pokimane scolds haters who are trying to make her look “inappropriate” in clips by editing and putting together old videos of her doing things like sticking her tongue out.

“I see people in the pits of my mentions. This is their f**king logic,” she explained. “They literally go through the last however many years of my streaming, and they will clip things together to make me look inappropriate.”


Poki commented that people are doing this to justify speaking sexually about her. She also mentions that this would not be appropriate even for a sexual person. “That’s disgusting sh*t. That’s sh*tty logic either way.”

“You went through years of me streaming to clip together moments where I stick my tongue out, or that I’m mad that I died, and you clip them together intentionally to make me look sexual when I wasn’t even being sexual. That’s crazy.”

“You’re bending over backward to prove a sh*tty point. Like, there’s truly no saving people like that. They will also include a sexual joke, and they’re like: ‘This is you being sexual, so other people can talk about you getting d*cked down every night.’”

Link to the clip:


However, this is not the first time Poki is dealing with such people. In October 2020, she slammed “perverts” who clip everyday scenarios and put them together to make her look sexual.