Pokimane reveals Twitch ban warning received from the platform after showing “inappropriate” content on stream and viewers calling for the ban.

Pokimane is one of the most popular/followed Twitch streamer but there are
many times when she also gets tricked/trolled by viewers.

On May 19, a troll viewer tricked Pokimane into showing the inappropriate content.
which she instantly removed from the screen, there were calls for her ban as soon
as the content was opened on stream.

Although in next couple of days she explains that her account hasn’t got
any such incidents frequently to get a ban from Twitch, but Twitch “definitely do give you a warning.”

She also clears out that there were no favoritism or “double standards”, by explaining that a popular male streamer had the exact same situation occur, and also didn’t face a ban.


Pokimane reveals Twitch ban warning

On May 23, Pokimane reveals Twitch ban warning a screenshot of the official warning she received from Twitch. “Warning is deserved, sorry to anyone who didn’t wanna see that on stream I’ll be even more careful in the future, but I’m glad it made for a good meme lmao,” she said.


The warning clearly states that “another offense may result in a suspension.”
for those who don’t know how long Twitch bans last so, it may last, 24 hours,
days or weeks and in severe cases 30 days, but repeated violation may result
in permanent ban.

The statement reveal got two different opinions, one who believe that it was a
fair decision as it was accidental while some believes that there were some
special treatment given to her, as a similar twitch streamer xQc was suspended
for the very same reason of violation.

However, Twitch says that they take violations seriously and checks every report
individually and without always considering prior precedent.