Pokimane defends a fan after his “cute” fan art was criticized was other Reddit users who believe that the art does not resemble the “very distinct pear shape body type” of Pokimane.


  • A fan art artist Veoxylia recently uploaded a picture of Pokimane on Reddit but it did not receive the response he was expecting.
  • Other Reddit users started criticizing saying that it does not match with Pokimane, but the streamer was quick enough to back her fan up.

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys is one of the leading Twitch streamers and she has one of the most loyal fan base who always backs her up in every situation. But this time the tables has turned – this time Pokimane is the one defending his fans after criticism on social media.

This started with artist ‘Veoxylia’ uploading an ‘art style exploration’ of Pokimane in this thread – it was a stylish vector image of the streamer.

However, his work did not receive the response he was expecting but turned out to be completely opposite. Other members of the subreddit commented that they “really liked the style, it looks super cute” but believed it “didn’t look that much like Poki” and didn’t have her “very distinct pear shape body type.”


Pokimane got to know about the image only while scrolling through the subreddit live on broadcast – she only had kind words to the artist who drew such amazing art. “This is immensely cute,” she said. “Thank you.”

The artist then responded, saying, “I can’t believe I failed to see [your response] live on stream. I’m so glad you like it!”

But as she made her way through comment section of the thread she was shocked to see such hate words from other users. Pokimane defends her fan saying that “Hey, dude, I know you’re not trying to come across as being rude, but this type of criticism is just unnecessary, my friend. It’s just a drawing.” – but she removed this comment.

She then says that “I don’t even know if there’s much else to say. Do I really need to get into it?” she said to her fans as she deleted the message.

However, later she did write something for these criticizers but with more aggressive attitude.

“Hey, dude, who asked? On the real, though, this type of “criticism” is a bit unnecessary. It’s just a drawing.”

In the end the fan was happy that their favorite streamer did notice her art and loved it.

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