Pokimane criticized Kaite for calling Fedmyster “ugly” on RajjPatel’s popular dating show during April 29 show, which is watched by over 70,000 viewers.

It is a show where guests are invites only and basically almost all of them are streamers, on
the show, they rate each other, try to flirt and the ultimate goal is to win the game show-like competition.

The latest guest on the show ‘Rajjchelor‘ to try his luck was “Fedmyster”, and there were a
total of 11 female streamers who tried to woo him and vice-versa and it all came down to only
one left “Katie”, she is a constant guest of the show.

Pokimane criticized Katie on Rajjchelor dating show

At the end, when Fedmyster chose Katie as the final two, she was left with two options to
select from “love” or “host”, if she chooses “host”, Raj will host her channel with 70,000
viewers and if she chooses “love”, they will host Fedmyster channel and they two will have a
virtual date.


Well, Katie is considered as “villain” of the group and she chooses “host” instead of love, well
it could have ended up there but she comments something on Fedmyster that can be embarrassing for anyone especially if tens of thousands of viewers are watching you.

“Honestly, I checked him out before, I think you’re ugly, I’m not attracted to you,” she says.

Soon after this event many other fellow streamers like Knut, Pokimane and SlikeR joins the
chat and backfires at Katie calling her “ugly” too. Pokimane criticized Kaite by arguing her with her statement.

Kaite responds to them saying this is “all for business,” but Pokimane questioned, “you can be all for business and not have to call someone ugly, what the hell?”

Well, her behaviour wasn’t supported by even the host, Raj talks to Fed after the incident
and says he was also not in support of what she did.

“I know you’re a confident person so it’s not really going to affect you, but the fact we had the most viewership ever in the history of my show and that she said that. You are so far from that,” Rajj said. “Nobody told her to say that… it was too far, way over the line.”

Well, after this incident Katie received a lot of hate instead of any support. and it looks like ultimately Fed wins the show and support of viewers.

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