PMCO spring split 2020 registration process has been started and here is the step by step guide on how to apply for it. First PUBG Mobile tournament is here and opens for any teams who want to participate.

PUBG Mobile has officially announced the registration date – January 3 to January 21.

And is open for every team from South Asia, Latam, EU, Middle East & Africa, Wildcard and SEA Wild Card region who wants to participate in 2020 first PMCO tournament.

PMCO Spring Split 2020 – Prize

PMCO Spring Split 2020 will have best PUBG Mobile teams from 15 regions and they all will compete for the prize pool of $1,000,000.


After PMCO Boot camp 16 teams will be selected.

And promoted to the year’s biggest mobile tournament – PUBG Mobile World Championship.

PMCO Spring Split 2020 registration process details

  • Visit: PMCO Registration
  • Fill in all the information of your team in the registration form.
  • Online qualification match will start from January 23 to February 2.
  • The qualification game will consist of 32 games, After 32 matches 8 teams with the highest point will move to PMCO group stage.

Requirements / Rules for registration

  • After submitting the registration form no team can make any change in the roster.
  • All of players age must be 16+.
  • Your team must have at least 3 players from the same region.
  • All of your team members must be at Platinum tier or above at the time of registration.
  • Your team can have 1 extra player other than 4 Players.
  • Both offline & Online qualification tournament will happen on Mobile devices only.

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