A new Fortnite glitch has surfaced lettings players drive Battle Bus towards Galactus event ahead of Season 4’s in-game Nexus War event.

This are starting to get hyped up after the Galactus has reappeared outside of the battle royale island ahead
of the final showdown on November 30.

According to sources, the Nexus War event will feature all of the Marvel superhero characters such as
Wolverine, Thor, Iron man and others that are recently added to Fortnite, all of them together will face the
Marvel supervillain.

Recently players were hinted that they might need to “join the fight” against Galactus in the upcoming event
by driving the Battle Bus and a now a new Fortnite glitch has been found which is letting players do the same
without the event even being started.


How to use Fortnite glitch to drive Battle Bus towards Galactus?

Fortnite YouTuber Glitch King has revealed a clever trick that players can do to stay in the Battle Bus after
the start of a game and ‘drive’ right up to where Galactus currently rests.

According to the YouTuber, in order to drive towards the Galactus players need to enter any limited-time
mode where the battle bus travels towards the Marvel supervillain. Then, you need to disconnect your
internet connection before the battle bus kicks you out of the bus at the end.

After you disconnect your internet connection, the vehicle will continue to move towards the island with
you still inside the bus, giving you an up-close look at the Devourer of Worlds.

However, you can not control the bus right now but you will have it when the event officially drops until
then you can get a close look of the island.

At the time of writing this article, there is no confirmation on what is going to come in the Nexus war event
but there are certain speculations that the season will end with a Blackhole event.

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