Since the beginning of PC gaming, there has been a debate on PC vs console gaming in terms of who is better and more reliable for long term gaming.

Before Pc gaming, Sony and Microsoft were always in the debate of which one has a better console gaming platform.

In Today’s article, we will discuss some key points of both Pc and console gaming we will also discuss how they are emerging in 2019 with Google Stadia.

Let’s Shut our mouth and start with PC gaming and Console gaming pros and cons.

Pc vs Console graphics.

In this Old debate starting with graphics will be a better option.

While playing on PC with Ultra HD graphics and Decent FPS a gamer would never think of going to console.

But, the real issue is to get higher FPS for a crisp clear smooth gameplay and for that you need to spend some money on PC parts which we will discuss further in the article.

Or else you can buy a cheaper graphics card and still play the game at a lower resolution with 60+ Fps.

And for me honestly I am not a fan of High graphics, I don’t care whether I can see my face in the water or not until unless I am getting a decent amount of FPS for smooth gameplay I am happy.

If you are a hardcore gamer and you are ready to spend some money trust me spending on PC will worth you each and every dollar of yours.

Approximately you need to make somewhere about 1000-2000$ investment on gaming pc that can deliver you 4k top notch visually appealing ultra HD 60+ Fps gameplay, which is far better than any console out in the market.


Again PC gaming wins this as PC is something which you can customize as of your interest instead of being forced by using what is provided by developers.

Almost everything inside a CPU in Pc gaming is customizable whether it is Ram or Motherboard.

Whereas, In console gaming, Sony, Microsoft or other developers provide built-in services which you can upgrade or customize.

While building a custom PC the only thing you need to worry about is your Budget but there is something for everyone in the PC gaming industry and I could not say the same for console gaming.

PC gamers also have one more advantage, they can play with both keyboard, mouse and controller.

Talking about controllers, PC gamers have a huge range of controllers to select from, unlike consoles where you can use the only controller which comes in hand after purchase.

Ease of Use


In the Ease of use, Console will always be the winner as you just need to purchase, unbox, plug and play.

And if you deal with any technical issues you can simply contact the customer care and they will guide you through each step to fix the issue.

The developers also have online resources where you can check and fix your console problems easily.

Whereas PC requires more technical knowledge than console and it is extremely required when you are building a custom PC.

Because, While building your beast gaming PC you need to figure out which graphics card you need?

what processor you should buy?

should you go for Intel gaming pc or AMD gaming pc?

And talking about issues, back in the days PC problems were hard to fix if you were not from a technical background.

But, thankfully now you have enough resources online to search and fix your problem.


In terms of Controls for the new gamers, it is better to start with Keyboard and mouse as it is way easier to play with keyboard and mouse on the PC.

PC vs Console gaming: Exclusive games


I leave the decision on to you to pick who is the winner PC or console.


Let’s be honest we all know that PC doesn’t have any exclusive games.

But, it does have a huge range of variety of games as Xbox and Playstation use Pc as neutral ground.

The number of games on the PC is far more than what console offers.

Pc gaming is a non-exclusive gaming platform, but almost all indie game developers tend to release their game titles on PC before launching them on Consoles.

That is the reason you can play the more single-player exclusive game on consoles and multiplayer games on PC.

Like PUBG ( Player Unkown’s Battlegrounds) was released in 2017 as a beta version for PC gamers.

Then it was released in 2018 for Console gamers.


In Console gaming, there are two companies who control almost all the console games “Microsoft” and “Sony”.

Both of these companies have spent millions of dollars to produce exclusive games for their product.

Sony releases its exclusive games which are available on PlayStation.

Like “God of War”, “Uncharted”, “Spider-man” and many more.

Sony has spent a huge amount of money to acquire much of AAA titles to make them exclusive for PlayStation.

Whereas, Microsoft owns both Xbox and PC gaming. So, they release games for both platforms.

Platform to buy games


Here console gamers have only two options PSN and Xbox Live or you can buy physical copies from the market.

Whereas, PC gamers have multiple platforms to buy games.

Biggest of them is Steam which is one of the most used resources for PC gamers then, there is Origin, EA and many more.

There are also some websites like G2A which sells used game copies at a cheaper price.

PC vs Console: Upgradability


Console upgradability

There is nothing much that you can upgrade on a console other than a hard drive as per the latest console generations.

The hard disk should be no more than 2.5 inches in size which is a bit pricey.

Pc upgradability

PCs have a wide range of device upgrade options from the motherboard to RGB.

You can upgrade and customize everything.

Fed up of 4GB Ram? want to upgrade at 16Gb? PC got you covered.

Want to replace your old Processor? Yeah, that works.

Fed up of Old slow Hard Drive? Want to upgrade to SSD? we got that too.

Pc vs Console 2019: VR Gaming

VR gaming is the new thing in both PC and Console gaming in 2019.

Speaking of which in Console, VR headset is only available in PS4 which is PS VR.

Whereas, PC offers much more variant of VR headsets which comes with the latest technology.

It’s better if you choose VR for PC gaming rather than wasting your precious money on PS VR.

PC gaming vs Console gaming Statistics

  1. There are a total of 2.5 billion video gamers all of the globe.
  2. PC gaming is expected to reach 33.6 billion dollars by 2020
  3. Console gaming is estimated to be worth 28.5 million USD in 2018

Pc gaming vs Console gaming Pros and Cons

Console Pros

  • Much cheaper than a PC.
  • No worries about compatibility. If you start a game you know it will work without any tinkering.
  • More conducive to local multiplayer and more comfortable since it uses a TV instead of a monitor – although you can hook a PC up to a TV and use a controller for the same experience.
  • Some exclusive games that don’t appear on PC.

Console Cons

  • Worse graphics and resolution – Xbox One X technically has 4k, but with smaller selection and locked to lower framerates.
  • Many games are still locked to 30 fps- not all, but a lot.
  • Poorer selection of games.
  • Games tend to be more expensive.

PC Pros

  • Better graphics and higher resolution options.
  • Higher framerates that consoles can’t match – esp at higher resolutions.
  • More games – a lot of PC exclusives exist, and although the consoles are starting to get a few indie games, the ones they get typically come out later and many still don’t make the jump to console at all.
  • Cheaper games – steam sales, humble bundles, and 3rd party “grey markets” for codes often offer incredibly deep discounts (up to 95% off with humble).
  • Complete backwards compatibility – with enough tinkering any PC game from any year can be made to work, and through emulation, you can even play games from most consoles/PC systems up to a couple of generations back.
  • Mods – mods can do anything from increasing graphical fidelity beyond the limits imposed by the developers, or even add new game modes, missions, modifiers, cheats, character skins etc. Mods can boost the amount you get out of your games by an awful lot.

PC Cons

  • Very expensive for the higher end of the performance – if you want a machine that does 4k and/or high framerates, be prepared to pay in excess of £1000, and up to £2000+ for the very best. A mid-tier machine is still a fair bit more expensive than a console.
  • Some games require tinkering to get them working.

PC vs Console Price

The console is cheaper than PC, And if you maintain and keep your console in a good shape it can last you more than 5 years or until next-generation consoles come into the market.


There is no set amount for PC. It all depends on how much do you want to spend.

It is the advantage that you can customize your PC according to your Budget.

And Keep upgrading your machine further instead of buying the whole CPU.

Let’s divide the PC into three sections as per budget

  1. Starting Range(Low-End Budget PC): These can be built easily at a price corresponding to cheap console, but they can be upgraded further.
  2. Medium Range PC: It will cost you not more than 500-800$ to get your hands on a PC which can handle high graphics game at 2k resolution.
  3. High Range PC: They are top-notch Beast PC which can handle almost any game at ultra HD graphics and they will cost you around 800-2000$.


Thanks for reading this far I hope this article has helped you select your side of Pc vs console gaming debate. And do subscribe to notifications update

Now for those who are new in the gaming industry and does not care about graphics should definitely go for console or a low budget gaming PC.

And if you are planning to go competitive or play E-sports then you should go for a High-End PC.

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