PaladinAmber a known twitch streamer has created her own “news segment” regarding natural disaster and highlighting her country’s devastating wildfires.

Australia has started moving citizens from cities to beaches and in the Ocean for safety after Australia announced the State of Emergency after CBS announced the “Out of Control” bushfire in the large portion of Country.

According to a report in New York Post – around half a billion animals have died due to the fires.

Many Australians are concerned about neither being covered in mainstream news nor being adequately helped by their Prime Minister.

Then, here comes PladinAmber who interrupted her Livestream to remind her viewers about the situation of Australia right now.

Amber begins her news segment by changing camera angles and by saying:

“Are you thirsty?”

“Well, so is our f**king country. Listen, this just in, Australia is still on fire and it’s still burning, and I don’t care what people say, it’s very important.”

“…when a whole country is burning and no one’s doing anything about it… and it still won’t make national news, I like to think that maybe I should take matters into my own hands and do the news,” she continued. “So here it is: help!”


That’s not all: Amber is also raising money to donate to the courageous volunteers fighting the blaze after they were notably encouraged not to crowdfund for fire fighting equipment.

“Idk I’m just sad that when I walk outside now, the whole country is filled with smokey skies and my home is threatened!” Amber tweeted regarding the situation.

YouTuber and Drama Alert host Daniel “KEEMSTAR” Keem is likewise beginning a charity meant to support Australian fire departments in support of PaladinAmber.

Australia’s current situation is now being considered a national emergency around the world.

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