Emongg – A popular Overwatch content creator has teased his audience about some major Overwatch improvement coming soon to the game.

Emongg is an old-timer Overwatch content creator and he has also worked with Blizzard in the past.

On his recent stream, Emongg threw some piece of information about some upcoming major updates to the game.

The streamer played it quite wisely by choosing his words correctly for keeping his statement indistinct, as he moved on with his points he kept winking while changing camera angles at the audience in a very cheeky manner.

He suggested that players may receive some good news in the next couple of weeks from the developers.

Major Overwatch improvement teased by Emongg – an Overwatch Content Creator

Major Overwatch improvement coming soon

“I have a feeling that things will improve with Overwatch going forward, I don’t know how I know this, but I think things will improve. I don’t really know if they’re going to do anything, what’s going to be happening, in general, going forward. I’m hoping maybe in a couple of weeks or so we can start to see where their mindset is on things. Maybe even less than a couple of weeks.”

Emongg is the most popular Overwatch content creator and moreover, he has also worked with Blizzard in the past.

Where he had game Director Jeff Kaplan discussing new features on his live broadcast.

So, we can say that this piece of information is an insider knowledge for what developers are planning – that Emongg somehow came to know.

But, as we can see in the clip Emongg didn’t completely disclose any of the details regarding exactly what developers are planning and what announcements might be coming.

Well, we will find out about how much percentage of it is true in the next two weeks.

And if the game’s one of the most popular content creators is feeling good about it then this will probably be loved by all Overwatch fans.

Overwatch 2 – Update
Overwatch 2 release date is not yet confirmed by the Blizzard

Well, one thing is for sure Overwatch 2 is not coming any soon, we do have some leaks and stuff regarding it but nothing is yet confirmed from the officials of the game.

Meanwhile, Overwatch is going as its scheduled seasonal events – the latest of which is “Lunar New Year”.

The game’s current state is making players frustrated, everyone is complaining about no new content being added to the game.

This criticism hyped more when the game didn’t get a new hero because of the announcement of Overwatch 2 at the 2019’s BlizzCon.

We can only hope that the game’s sequel make its way soon till then the upcoming news from developers may give players a bit relief.

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