Overwatch 2’s latest season introduced a new, never-ending Orisa ult bug that prevented her ultimate from being reworked, leaving players in a tailspin.

Overwatch 2 was pretty buggy in its day. With loads of heroes, maps, and interactions, it’s only fair that a bug pops up from time to time. Especially with the release of the new season, Blizzard seems to have left out some glitches in the patch.

While the third season of Overwatch 2 brings a bunch of new content, it also clearly brings some bugs that have caused quite a stir In addition to the new map, new battle card, and revamped heroes like Mercy, the latest season also had some bugs.

The Never-ending Orisa ult bug

Overwatch 2 players recently discovered the latest bug, which unfortunately can pretty much break the game. The most recent issue occurred while playing Orisa and specifically related to her ultimate in certain areas of the map

The problem appears to prevent the player from recasting their ultimate, which is supposed to deal a devastating blow to everyone surrounding her, as the first cast has her draw everyone in.

The glitch appeared to block the second stage, causing Orisa to slip when spinning the javelin. However, because Orisa cannot do anything while unleashing her ultimate, the player is entirely trapped.

This traps players helplessly inside the pipeline, thereby breaking the game for them.

Because nothing else seems to work, the only way to remedy this is to literally die.

This implies that players affected by this issue must politely ask the opponent whether they can come and assassinate them, or else they will be stuck there for the rest of the game, or at least until they are kicked out.

The mistake appears to occur when Orisa is standing on an uneven terrain, which is unfortunate because uneven terrain can be quite common in many Overwatch 2 maps we still don’t know if Blizzard has a fix for this hilarious bug, but until then, it looks like Orisa players will have to keep spinning.

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