Outriders Sign in issue: There is a bug running in the game which is preventing the players from signing in the game.

After the issue came to the limelight, Square Enix developers have posted a solution about this bug and how to resolve the issue.

This issue occurs when you open the game and try to sign in – the players gets struck on the main menu and can’t do anything.

This bug has happened to many users and has become a known issue, this issue is most commonly happening with PS4 and PS5 players but pc users are also being affected by the same issue.

There is a solution to this issue that is roaming around in the community – which has been shared on Reddit by the user thearcan who is the senior community manager working for Square Enix.

He has published the solution on Reddit. Square Enix has been the publisher of the game so the players must follow their solution who were facing the issue.

The steps have been also shared by the manager and most of them are easy to follow and working very smoothly.

Follow these steps to solve the issue – these steps are working in most cases.

  • Some players have reported that waiting for 10 minutes on the sign-in loop eventually works. Players should first stay on the screen for 10 minutes to see if it works for them.
  • If players still can’t sign in, they need to close Outriders and relaunch it. It may take several restarts to get the game to work correctly, but many players have reported that rebooting the game over and over fixed the issue eventually.
  • A full cache clear may help as well. Players need to clear their cache before starting Outriders.
  • On Consoles, a full cache clear is done by power cycling the console and turning it off completely (NOT rest mode). Unplug the console for a few minutes to ensure there is no electricity in the console.
  • Try restarting a few times again.

These steps should fix any errors that arise because of the Outriders sign in issue, as has been stated by a representative from Square Enix. These steps are easy and convenient if the issue still not get resolved please wait for further notice by the outsider’s game or from their management team.

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