The Old classic Apex Legends care package bug is back again in game – this time it is taking over the new Olympus map, meaning all three maps are touched by this bug now.

Having bugs is not a big deal for any big games like Apex Legends but it does matter when the bugs keep
coming back time and time again, this makes players frustrated because these bugs affect their gameplay
and also wastes their time that they put in to grind to reach the next level.

And this is happening again, the old care package bug has now resurfaced in the new Olympus map after
already ruining gameplays on King’s canyon and World’s Edge maps. Respawn has tried to patch this issue
previously but nothing seems to work.

The bug drops care packages in strange locations – slightly off map’s customary boundaries, like it might be
slightly below, on a couple of the large pipes that help to prop up the Olympus environment.


What is Apex Legends Care Package Bug?

These care packages contains top-tier loots but it results in an instant death, as one Redditor unluckily found out.

Joking that they got ‘bamboozled’ by a care package, they hopped down below to take advantage of the loot on offer, only to be killed rapidly when hitting the area of the map the care package had nestled itself in.

This is not the only video proof another Reddit user posts a YouTube video titled “It’s a trap!”. In the video
player gets eliminated almost the same way as Bigbrainplays69420,

At the time of writing this article, there has not been any single word from Respawn, so, for now, we can
only wait until they address the issue or releases a patch to stop it from occurring. Till then do not go for any
care package which looks suspicious.

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