Twitch “Hateful Conduct” policy change update has released a list of words that will be banned on the platform from January this list includes words like “simp,” “virgin,” and “incel.” However, after the streamers outrage the officials have clarified that the terms aren’t being ‘blanket banned but the context will be taken in consideration.

After the introduction of new changes to their “Hateful Conduct” banning streamers from using words
like “simp,” “virgin,” and “incel – streamers started outraging and asking questions to Twitch officials.

The new policy will be applicable to both chat and screen starting from January 22, 2021. Well these
are not the only words Twitch is planning to ban – according to officials the amazon owned platform
is going to ban all the “sexually-focused terms” used “negatively.”

It was not too late until streamers started questioning Twitch’s ability to judge nuance in comments
considering the platform’s past track record with suspensions.

However, the company was also quick enough to respond and clear all the misconceptions about
Twitch “Hateful Conduct” policy, stating they won’t be enacting a “blanket ban.” Instead, they will be focusing on the
context of the word used.

“We wanted to clear up any misunderstandings about language that can be used on Twitch. At the core of it, we’re focused on doing what we can to protect our community from harassment,” they said in a December 17 statement.

“We do not have a blanket ban on the use of words like ‘simp’ in casual banter, but will take action when words like this (amongst others) are used to harass and harm community members.”

However, this also did not got well, players are now suspecting that Twitch might band users under
their new policy wrongfully.

“Harass and harm are vague and subjective terms that open the door for selective enforcement. If harassing and harming people is against the ToS already, then why attach words to its enforcement if the words can be used in an innocuous context,” Asmongold said.

Twitch new policy will be live from January 21, 2021 – we hope that officials do change some lines in the policy.

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