Fortnite pro Ninja talks about why Fortnite is getting boring and losing players,
as the young Mixer streamer is not having fun in the game anymore.

In a long 10 minute, YouTube video Mixer star Ninja reveals why he is upset with Fortnite.
And also reveals facts about why Fortnite should bring back the old map.

When Fortnite made its a comeback with Chapter 2 after a long week of going black.
Everyone thought of this as a new face of Fortnite.

Because in Season 10 Fortnite had some issues which scattered the community around
different games. There were a lot of bad decisions plus developments in Chapter 1.

But, everybody thought of Chapter 2 as a fresh start for everyone.

Did it worked? No, everybody had the same thought of Chapter 2 Season 1 being so long
and it ended up being boring.

Why is Ninja so upset with Fortnite?

Now let’s come to the part where “why Ninja is so upset with Fortnite and so desperate to get the old map back in-game”.

The answer is very simple, Fortnite is the game which made him what he is today.
Fortnite helped him gain massive Twitch Following and now mixer, and when you see the game who made you what you are today makes you feel sad and the same is happening with Ninja.

New Fortnite Chapter 2 Map

After the release of Call of Duty: Warzone, Ninja spent most of his time juggling between
Warzone and Fortnite, until March 26, when the young streamer lost his cool and busted out
all his frustrations regarding the infamous Building Battle Royale.

“I’m on 50 f**king ping,” he raged. “I wanna move to CoD right now. Man, that’s just not fun. I
dunno what it is. Somehow the game [Fortnite] is getting laggier. I’m on East Coast servers
dude and I can’t place walls.”

After which he talks about Fortnite’s Solos and why they are so frustrating, he says he wants
to play the game but the game is not playable “in its current state”.

Clip starts at 0:53


In the next part of the clip Ninja and his fellow streamer, SypherPK talks about what is killing
Fortnite’s hype, they say that at the beginning it was the regular update of new content which draw the attention of players and lately there hasn’t been any such thing after Chapter 2 started.

“I’ve come to the conclusion bro,” Ninja continued. “We need to bring the old map back.”
While saying this also mentioned that the chances of Epic dropping new map are very low.

Fortnite old Chapter 1 Map

“I’m bored because there’s nothing new. They added the agency, everything was so fun… now, everyone knows where they wanna land. 75% of the lobby is dead in the first four minutes and there’s nothing new.” – Ninja says.

In the end, both streamers agreed on the point that it is the old map which can bring back
Fortnite to life. Otherwise, it is going to die very soon.

We can only hope that Epic considers its top influencers thoughts about the game.

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