Ninja & SypherPK advises Fortnite to copy Warzone’s player count to increase the number of players in a lobby and to make game more fun.

Fortnite has been one of the most popular battle royale since its release back in 2017.
It has many features that other competitors want to copy like its weekly mission rewards,
its vast range of cosmetics and collaboration with comics and movie characters and artists.

Well, the new competitor in the market “Call of Duty: Warzone” doesn’t have all of these features
but is indeed have something that players like Ninja & SypherPK advises Fortnite to use in the game and that is its player count in a single lobby.

The topic got fire during one of the games between both the players, they propose that
Fortnite have a big enough map to handle more players than usual 100, “This map is 40% bigger than the last map and it has the same amount of players, it’s flawed,” said Ninja.


Ninja & SypherPK advises Fortnite to increase player count

Mixer star suggests Fortnite to atleast try replicating Warzones player count and see how that
works. Maybe it would attract more players to the game.

“They should try 125,” he added. “Do an LTM (limited-time mode) with 150/125 (players).”

SypherPk also mentions that there is nothing to worry about lag and stuff as they should work fine.

“People always say ‘oh, there’s going to be lag’ but not in pubs. I’ve got a solid 27 ping, east or west, everything feels smooth – at the beginning of the match too when there is 100 people, he added. “I’m sure the pub servers could handle 125, even 150.”

Well, he is true as the Fortnite lobby has a limitation of max 100 players but events like Travis
Scott Astronomical events shows that they can handle more than 100 players at once.

At last, It remains on Epic Games, if they consider this advice or stick with their 100 players count.

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