Ninja slams “brainwashed” viewers who believe he’s toxic because of the way he and his friends react in matches.

Ninja is one of the early Fortnite players and Fortnite and Ninja has proven equally
profitable for each other in terms of numbers, thousands of viewers used to join his
broadcast everyday to see him eliminating enemies.

This gave Ninja access to play with streaming world’s big names which inculdes
DrLupo, TimTheTatman and CouRageJD, all four of them are close friends now
and once they were used grind in Fortnite together.

But slowly it all fade out, now they play whole bunch of different titles together,
and still considered as the close friends to each other.


Ninja slams “brainwashed” viewers

All four of them mocks and makes fun of each other which is very common in close
friends but some viewers believes that Ninja is more arrogant towards all of them
but he clearly denies that.

“Toxic? Homie, me and my entire group of friends make fun of one another,” he said. “It’s what we do. We yell at each other, we insult each other. That’s how close we are with one another, and we’re the only ones who can do it to one another. Listen man, if your friends don’t like me, I don’t give a sh*t.”

They constantly make fun of each other while streaming and each of them takes
it just as a joke like Dr Lupo always gets called as the older of the group and he
never seems to care because it is all a joke and friends usually does these kinds
of things, but some viewers argue it as “toxic” behaviour.

In the next clip, Ninja explains his statement, Everyone bitches and complains when they play video games. It’s 90% of the fun, sometimes… anyone who thinks I’m toxic, you’ve been brainwashed dude. I’d love to know the person you’re watching.”

Ninja says that jokes makes gaming between friends more fun and they are harmless, many other viewers from the chat also believes the same that it is harmless fun and every group of friends does this.

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